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Alison and I

My darling when she was the most beautiful little girl in the world (she still is).

The children, Piers, Guy and Toby

(This picture was taken when they were 6, 4 and 2!).

Piers (left) is now 20 and is in his final year
at Portsmouth University reading Computer Science and
Animation Design. His website is here

Toby (middle) is 16 and likes cooking and killing things on his computer.

Guy (right) is 18 and is in his first year
at the Birmingham Conservatoire studing with Peter Donahoe
and John Lill -- he wants to be a Concert Pianist.
His website is here

Making a Herb Garden

Driving the boat!

First Mate Piers ~ an excellent young captain!

Bosun Guy ~ we're in good hands!

Cabin Boy Toby ~ can't see where he's going ~ doesn't care!
(You might note that the throttle is full open...)

Exploring a natural cave river of rust pigment

Piers doing a rust cave painting to confuse future generations of archaeologists!

Toby ("The Enforcer") and his Dad!

Me and all the boys having a large Gin & Tonic!

Sailing our Sundancer in the British Virgin Islands

Lunch at my favourite restaurant in Europe in Carvoiero, Portugal.


Mountaineering in Norway with Prof. Matthew Parker

At the summit of Ulriken

Prof. Matthew Parker having a "theorem coming on"!
(Probably something hideous in quantum information theory)

With friends Whit Diffie and Mary Fischer at our spiritual home, Bletchley Park

Friends from Carlos III University, Madrid. Left to right is Julio Cesar, Jose Maria, me
and Artur Ribagordo. (The Spanish know how to do lunch!)

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Updated: Thursday 18 September 2008